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ARE YOU SINCERE (Alfred Bryan / Albert Gumble) (1908) Elise Stevenson A youth and a maiden were tripping along, skipping along, sings a song, The youth said "linger near me, chee me, hear me, I like you much better sweetheart, every day, in every way, don't you think May, 'Twould sound more romantic if I called you "dear," The maiden just answered "Look here, now, look here." It's leap year, you know, "said the maid, all aglow, "I want to know, why you're so slow, Now what's the use, to tarry, marry, Harry, If you are too bashful, put me to the test, answer me "yes," I'll do the rest, I like you, I love you, I want you, I do, Now answer the question that I put to you." Are you sincere? If you're sincere, I'll let you call me your dearie, Say what you mean, mean what you say, And you can always be near me, If I give my heart to you, I'll have none and you'll have two, If you're sincere, call me your Dear, Answer me: Are you sincere?


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