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ART IS CALLING FOR ME (I WANT TO BE A PRIMA DONNA) From the Broadway Comic Opera "The Enchantress" - 1911 (Victor Herbert / Harry B. Smith) Louise Bliss (Broadway Production) - 1911 Kiri Te Kanawa - 1989 Lesley Garrett - 1992 Jane Gilchrist - 2004 Mama is a queen and Papa is a king So I am a princess (and) I know it But court etiquette is a dull dreary thing I just hate it all and I show it To sing on the stage that's the one life for me My figure's just like Tetrazzini I know I'd win fame if I sang in Bohéme That opera by Signor Puccini I’ve roulades and the trills That would send the cold chills Down the backs of all hearers of my vocal frills Aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aah-aaaaahhhhhh I long to be a prima donna, donna, donna I long to shine upon the stage I have the embonpoint To become a queen of song And my figure would look pretty as a page I want to be a screechy peachy cantatrice Like other plump girls that I see I hate society I hate propriety Art is calling for me I'm in the elite and men sigh at my feet Still I do not fancy my position I have not much use for the men that I meet I quite burn with lyric ambition Those tenors so sweet If they made love to me I'd be a success, that I do know And Melba I’d oust if I once sang in Faust That opera so charming by Gounod Girls would be on the brink Of hysterics, I think Even strong men would have to go out for a drink I long to be a prima donna, donna, donna I long to shine upon the stage With my avoirdupois And my tra la la la la I would be the chief sensation of the age I long to hear them shouting: "Viva" to the Diva Oh, very lovely that must be That's what I'm dying for That's what I'm sighing for Art is calling for me (Transcribed by Alistair Stewart & Mel Priddle - July 2006) (Corrections/additions by Bill Huntley - July 2006, with special thanks to Horsham & Crawley Libraries) (Additional corrections by mezzosoprano - August 2006) from the sheet music published 1911 M Witmark & Sons, now Chappells)


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