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ASK A WOMAN WHO KNOWS (Victor Abrams) as recorded by Dinah Washington 1955 also recorded by Natalie Cole 2002 He stays out every night and leaves me all alone, He never tells me where he goes. I'm not the only lonely one, ooh, Just ask any woman who knows! We used to share our trouble and all our good times too, But now I'm left with all the woes. I'm not the only sorry one, All you gotta do is just ask a woman who knows! Well the days are long, the nights are much longer, Lord, I got the lonesomest blues! My only consolation, I want this man to know That I've got nothing more to lose! So there you've got my story of a love gone wrong That once had blossomed like a rose, yeah! I'm not the only broken heart, mm-mm-mm-mm, Just ask a woman, Just ask a woman, Just ask a woman who knows! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2014)


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