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AS THE NIGHT GOES BY Patti Smith Darlin' come under cover Another night to discover Let's slip where senses gather Let's drift between the sea and sky As the night goes by Sands shift Orchids so strange In the moonlight Brushing our faces Places where love blooms And dies While the night goes by Oh, and the spirits call Sun upon your shadows fall Tracing every breath we draw Come into my dreams Come into my dreams Darlin' let's go where the night goes Let's drift where senses gather Let's make this night last forever Into my dreams Into my dreams Darlin' let's go Where the night goes Time slips Oh darlin' how it flies When the night goes by All through the night Sirens call Come to me I'll come to you As the night softly goes by bye Midnight Moon on our shoulder Daybreak Another one older Darlin' heavenly blue Glories fade into view Let's go Under the stars That are beating Under the moonlight Stars shoot Dusk just a whisper Make this night Last forever Oh how I wonder Where the night goes Oh Let's wonder Where the night goes As the night goes By bye By Bye


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