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AT A GEORGIA CAMP MEETING (Kerry Mills) (1897) John Philip Sousa - 1902 Also recorded by: Sidney Bechet; Chris Blount; The Castle Jazz Band; The Charleston Chasers; Jim Cullum Jazz Band; Dutch Swing College Band; Wally Fawkes; Firehouse Five Plus Two; Papa Blue Jensen; George Lewis; Milt Herth Trio; Kid Ory; Paragon Ragtime Orch.; Dan W. Quinn; Guy VanDuser; Lu Watters. A camp meeting took place, by the colored race; way down in Georgia. There were folks large and small, lanky, lean, fat and tall, at this great Georgia camp meeting. When church was out, how the "sisters" did shout, they were so happy. But the young folks were tired and wished to be inspired, and hired a big brass band. Chorus: When the big brass band began to play pretty music so gay, hats were thrown away. Thought them foolish people their necks would break, When they quit their laughing and talking and went to walking for a big choc'late cake. The old "sisters" raised sand, when they first heard the band; way down in Georgia. The preacher did glare and the deacons did stare, at the young people prancing. The band played so sweet that nobody could eat, 'twas so entrancing. So the church folks agreed it was not a sinful deed, and they joined in with the rest.


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