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ATLANTA SONG (David A. Coe) David Allan Coe - 1973 I met her in Atlanta, she was a dancin' in a café With a price tag on her body and a tombstone in her eye You could tell she was not happy by the way she kept on starin' Past the other side of nowhere at a man she'd like to try And the makeup she had painted could not hide the youthful motions Of her body fom the music or the crowd I stared like all the others with my right hand in my pocket While she showed us ev'rything the law allowed (Instrumental Break) Twenty bucks an hour later, my one bedroom apartment I was feelin' weak from all the seeds I'd sown She was sweet, she was gentle as she introduced my body To some pleasures it had never ever known When I woke up in the mornin' she was a layin' there beside me Like a kitten with her face turned to the Sun And a look of satisfaction on her lips that made me wonder If she ever felt ashamed of what we'd done So I left her in Atlanta, she was a-dancin' in a café With a price tag on her body and a tombstone in her eye And I guess she still ain't happy..............FADE (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2013)


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