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A TO Z BLUES (Jodie Edwards / Ray Arthur) Butterbeans & Susie - 1924 Billy Higgins & Josie Miles - 1924 Charley Jordan - 1937 Blind Willie McTell - 1949 As recorded by BUTTERBEANS & SUSIE (aka Jodie and Susie Edwards) in New York, 15th September 1924: BUTTER: Now, look here, Sue, we can't get along And I sure does treat you right SUSIE: Well now see here Ev'ry night, when you come home from work You don't do nothin' but fuss and fight BUTTER Is that so? Now you left last night at half past eight SUSIE: Yes, and I come home this mornin' at four BUTTER: And you had the nerve to bring another man Right smack up to my door SUSIE: Well, don't let that worry you, old dear And, buddy, I'm through with you BUTTER: Through with me? SUSIE: Yessir! BUTTER: Before you go, here's what I am going to do SUSIE: What you goin' do, boy? BUTTER: I'm gonna cut your nappy head four diff'rent ways Long, short, deep and wide When I get through usin' my black-handled razor You know you're gonna take a ride SUSIE: If you can catch me! BUTTER: I'm gonna cut A B C D in the top of your head That's gonna be treatin' you nice and you ain't gonna be dead I'm gonna cut E F G right across your face H I J K, that's where runnin' takes place I'm gonna cut L M N 'cross both of your arms You gonna sell shoestrings and pencils your whole life long I'm gonna cut O P Q, that means trouble too I'm gonna grab you too and turn you ev'ry way but loose I'm gonna cut R S T just to hear you cry That's the last time tears gonna run from both your eyes I'm gonna cut U V W on the bottom of your feet That's the last time you're gonna walk down Thirty-Fifth Street I'm gonna mark you 'cross your bosom with X Y Z When I get through the alphabet you'll quit messin' with me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2013)


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