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AT THE OLD TIME MOVIE THEATER Lyrics: Thomas B. Howell - Music: Philip Kadison Jack Smith At the old time movie theater, We used to have a time! What fun! At the old time movie theater, Passionate love and crime! Reel one, Showing Fearless Harold the waiter; He loves a girl so true, Sweet Sue. Hiss the villain, slick operator, Hair plastered down with glue. Reel two! The kidnap, the scream, What a villainous scheme! Poor Sue is surrounded by man-eating cats! Oh, how we would cheer if her Harold were here. Ladies, please, remove your hats. At the old time movie theater, Where is our Romeo? Don't go, 'Cause he's fixing his carburetor, Covered with ice and snow. And just as the drama is reaching its peak, They flash on the screen "Continued next week!" At the old time movie theater show. (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - June 2012)


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