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AUF WIEDERSEHN FRÄULEIN (J. Fred Helf, 1907) Fräulein mine, the silvry Rhine is gleaming in the moonlight, The trumpets blast Has come at last Upon this silent June night. Your tear dimmed eyes like star lit skies, Look into mine with yearning, They plead in vain, Auf Wiedersehn, Some day I'll be returning. Fräulein mine, though stars may shine, And foaming steins be clinking, By campfires bright, A toast each night, To you I will be drinking. No dark eyed maid I'll serenade, Our tale of love to hinder, To each I'll vow, I've got a Frau, And half a dozen kinder. There's a smile on your lips Fräulein darling, There are tears in your eyes of blue, And the sound of the trumpet is calling, Fare thee well, fare thee well to you. Though we part, still my heart will be yearning, Till we meet by the beautiful Rhine, Fräulein mine, for Auld Lang Syne, down by the Rhine we'll drink a stein, Auf Wiedersehn, Fräulein!


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