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AUTUMN (P.F. Sloan / Steve Barri) Recorded by : Gary Lewis & The Playboys; The Vogues. You could search the whole world over But you'd never find A girl so easy to fall in love with But so hard to get off your mind I knew the first day that I saw her I'd soon be living my life for her CHORUS: Autumn, Autumn (Autumn) How your name has touched my heart Autumn (stay beside me), Autumn (close beside me) Say we'll never part She's so completely different From other girls I have known She does the things you'd expect her to do But in a way that's all her own You don't know what she does to me When she's makin' love to me (chorus) I thought I had life down pat Love 'em, leave 'em & be on my way (Love 'em, leave 'em) But girl, since you gave your love to me In your arms is where I'll stay (repeat chorus & fade)


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