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A VERY SPECIAL LOVE SONG Charlie Rich Babe, Somewhere I know I'm gonna find it, Babe. It'll have my love behind it, And it will be… A symphony… Of all you mean to me! A Very special love song…oooh… And Babe, If there's a way you know I'm gonna say it, Babe. If there's a melody, I'll play it! And I'll play it through, Especially for you. And all the words are true! A very special love song…oooh… So don't be surprised if you're sittin' alone and you hear it. `Cause I'm gonna sing it to the whole big lonely world!. So turn your radio way down low and get near it, And I'll tell the world I love you girl! Babe, If there's an ounce of love, I'm gonna give it to you, Babe. If there's a breath of life, I'm gonna live it, Every day for you… And all my whole life through… Singing just for you… A very special love song!…oooh…


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