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AVRON KNOWS (Keith Relf / Jimmy Page / Jim McCarty / Chris Dreja) The Yardbirds Avron knows, - Just a gypsy, Look at his clothes, - He thinks he's trippy, He saw the stars, - So what, that's nothing, He's on the run, - So what will that bring? He loves [to be / the bees ?], - Ah, so do we, He loves the flowers, - Stupid flower power, He thinks he's free, - Well, so do we, He's got no home, - Toss him a bone. Avron knows, Avron knows. He's where it's at, - Stupid prat, He loves the girls, - He's from another world, His love is [sweet / free ?], - [?] He don't bother no-one, - Well leave him alone, He hides away, - We'll find him today, He'll try to shout, - We'll drag him out, He'll try to cry, - We'll smash his eye, He'll scream out why, - [Just let him?] try. Avron knows, Avron knows. On a [sweltering / sheltering / warm spring ?] day, He'll be over the hill, In the beautiful land, With his love of loves, The sun will shine, Now he's alive, A beautiful mind, He's the happiest man. Avron knows, Avron knows.


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