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AWAITING THE CHAIR (Carter) Wilf 'Montana Slim' Carter - 1934 I'm sitting here waiting, my heart's in despair Three days and three hours, and then it's a chair I spoke to my lawyer, he just shook his head The Governor won't help you, "No pardon" he said I knew I was guilty, but what could I do She told me she loved him and that we were through I grabbed my revolver, half crazy with hate I gave him three bullets and sealed my own fate If he went to Heaven, that wonderful place Send me below where I won't see his face Buck home in Noel, Kansas, it's suppertime there Mother is dusting the old bacon chair Her eyes they are weeping, but what is the use They read in the paper where I'm getting the juice Back home there is sunsine as yellow as gold Here in this jailhouse it is gloomy and cold Back home birds are singing in their leafy bowers All I can hear is three days and three hours Three days of more waiting, three days of more fear I wish I could stretch them, each day to a year The Warden is friendly, he is not to blame He's doing his duty, it is all in the game He'll rip up my pad leg and shave off my hair When the juice hits me I soon will be there My story is ending, don't fall for a skirt Because in the end they'll most all do you dirt Don't fall for their kisses, their faces so fair You'll end like I did, just awaiting the chair (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2011)


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