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A WEEKEND IN THE COUNTRY From the film "THE BARKLEYS OF BROADWAY (1949) (Harry Warren / Ira Gershwin) Sung by: Fred Astaire as Josh Ginger Rogers as Dinah Oscar Levant as Ezra (Josh:) With golf and tennis 'round you And no cares to hound you; (Dinah:) When Mother Nature beckons, who can decline? (Ezra:) Till Mother Nature vetoes The bees and mosquitoes, Mother Nature is no mother of mine! (Josh & Dinah:) From Saturday night to Monday morn, There's always joy ahead; (Ezra:) From Saturday night to Monday morn, I wish that I were dead! (Josh & Dinah:) A weekend in the country Never will let you down; (Ezra:) You'll pardon my effront'ry, I'd rather spend it in town. (Josh & Dinah:) A weekend in the country, Healthy and full of sport: (Dinah:) And then it isn't small potatoes (Josh:) When you get those fresh tomatoes, (Ezra:) I've a list of fresh tomatoes Suing me now in court! (Dinah:) Ah, gimme the milk from the moo cow, (Josh:) Of corn right from the field I'm fond; (Ezra:) In town I'd be splurgin' On Venison and Sturgeon Bestride a beautiful blonde. (Josh & Dinah:) A weekend gets you sunburned, Vitamin A you win; (Ezra:) I'd rather get back unburned With my original skin. (Josh & Dinah:) A weekend in the country, Glorious, there's no doubt; (Ezra:) A weekend in the country, What's the next train out? (Josh & Dinah:) A weekend in the country, Trees in the orchard call; (Ezra:) When you've examined one tree, Then you've examined them all. (Josh & Dinah:) A weekend in the country, Happily we endorse: (Dinah:) Come get your share of nature's bounty, (Josh:) Ride the trail around the county; (Ezra:) I am no Canadian mounty, Why do I need a horse? (Dinah:) Hark, hark to the song of the bull frog, (Josh:) At dawn, you'll rise up with the lark; (Ezra:) When roosters will riot, I'd much prefer the quiet Of Forty-Second and Park. (Josh & Dinah:) Get peppy and alivey, Don't be a city poke! (Ezra:) I once got poison ivy, (Dinah:) Will you try for poison oak? (Josh:) A weekend in the country, (Dinah:) Dickey-bird's overhead, (Ezra:) A weekend in the country, I should have stayed in bed!


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