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A WOMAN'S TOUCH (Fain / Webster) Doris Day A woman's touch, a woman's touch The magic of Aladdin couldn't do as much She's a wizard, she's a champ And she doesn't need a lamp A woman's touch can weave a spell The kind of hocus pocus that she does so well With the magic of a broom She can mesmerize a room With a whisk whisk here and a whisk whisk there And a dustpan for the cinders With a rub rub here and a rub rub there She can polish up the winders Then presto chango Suddenly, the sun comes shining through And what does Mr Sunshine say to you? How d'you do? It makes you blink, to stop and think A woman and a whisk-broom Can accomplish so darn much So never under-estimate a woman's touch A woman's touch can quickly fill The empty flower boxes on a window sill One smile from her and zoom Little buds begin to bloom A touch of paint, a magic nail Can turn a kitchen chair into a Chippendale Even make the lamp appear Like a crystal chandelier With a tack tack here and a tack tack there And a hand around a hammer With a mop mop here and a mop mop there You can give a cabin glamour Then gosh, almighty, all at once The cabin that we knew Becomes a shining castle built for two Me and you The pies and cakes a woman bakes Can make a fella tell her That he loves her very much So never under-estimate a woman's touch


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