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A WOMAN'S WORK IS NEVER DONE (Lesley Nelson-Burns) Come all who roam, both old and young, And listen to my song, I'll tell you of a circumstance, That will not keep you long; I saw a man the other day, As savage as a Turk, And he was grumbling at his wife And said she did no work. Chorus So men, if you would happy be, Don't grumble at your wife so; For no man can imagine What a woman has to do. He said: You lazy huzzy! Indeed you must confess; For I'm a-tired of keeping you In all your idleness. The woman she made answer: I work as hard as you, And I will just run through the list What a woman has to do. Chorus At six o'clock each morning Off to your work you go; At eight I rise to light the fire And the bellows for to blow; I have to set the tea things' And get the kettle boiled; Besides, you know, I have to wash And dress the youngest child. Chorus I have to shake and make the bed, And sweep the room also, I have to knit, I have to spin, I have to sit and sew; Besides, and this you well do know, I always make a rule To wash and dress the little ones And send them off to school. So men if you would happy be, Don't grumble at your wife so; But think of your poor mother, How she put up with you. (Contributed by Bette Carl - July 2004)


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