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A WONDERFUL DAY IN A ONE DAY WORLD Peter Gabriel A Wonderful Day In A One Day World Saturday is shopping day and I drive my car but there's no place to park it, No respect for supermen in the supermarket. I guess there must be trouble but I've not been alerted; Looking round the store, it was all deserted And I'm stranded here with my empty basket, So full of questions but nowhere to ask it. Chorus: By the one way out, strange voice shouts, "Don't let that good man out!" "Have a wonderful day in our one-way world, One way, one day; Have a wonderful day in our one-way world, One way, one day; One-way man, one-way mind, get along with mankind." There's an old man on the floor so I summon my charm, I say, "Hey scumbag, has there been an alarm?" He says "Yeah, I been selling off eternal youth, They all got afraid, 'cos I'm the living proof. My name is Einstein, do you know time is a curve?" I said, "Stop, old man! You've got a nerve, 'cos there's only one rule that I observe: Time is money, and money I serve." Chorus


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