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BABY DOLL (Bernie Hanighen / Kenyon Hopkins) Andy Williams Also recorded by: Turk Murphy; Bob Walls & his Storeyville Jazzmen. (That baby doll) Oooohh!! (Look out for her) Ba-a-a-aby doll (Especially) Hmmmmmm!! (The amateur) There's many a guy who'll sing you these blues His dream was a lie, his heart's in his shoes He wasn't so green, in ways he was smart Till she hit the scene and she took him apart He'll tell you as plain as day "Keep away from ba-a-a-a-a-a-aby doll" (That baby doll) (Look out for her) You'll see in her eyes the warning you should You oughta be ooh-eyed, she'll lose you but good As long as she's warm, the livin' is sweet Then she'll raise a storm, an' you're back on the street You might as well know, my friend, that's the end You're cooked, you're through (My friend, you're through) (You're cooked, you're through) She was my baby doll and she'll do the same to you (That baby doll) (Look out for her) (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - September 2005)


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