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BABY DON'T GO Sonny & Cher Baby don't go, pretty baby, please don't go ! 1. I never had a mother, I hardly knew my dad, I've been in town for 18 years, and you're the only boy I've had. I can't stay, maybe I'll be back some day. Baby don't go, pretty baby, please don't go ! I love you so, pretty baby, please don't go. 2. I never had no money, I bought at the second-hand store, the way this old town laughs at me, I just can't take it no more. I can't stay, I'm gonna be a lady some day. + CHORUS 3. When I get to the city, my tears will all be dried, my eyes will look so pretty, no one's gonna know I cried. Yes, I'm goin' away, maybe I'll be back somday. + CHORUS ....


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