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BABY, OBEY ME From the film "My Friend Irma Goes West" (1950) (Jay Livingston / Ray Evans) Dean Martin (with Corinne Calvet & Jerry Lewis) - 1950 (Dean) From the boulevards of Paris to the corners of Siam Lovers know they must behave, the very way that I am Regardless of the language or the custom of the land They all have the very same demand When I say give me love, don't be meagre Gee, can't you see I'm overeager Oh baby, oh baby, obey me And when my lonely arms need a build-up Get in my arms and keep 'em filled up Oh baby, oh baby, obey me Facts are facts While I'm mad about your caress So relax, there's only one word for yes My love just lives for you Why be lonely, I want you for my one and only Oh baby, oh baby, obey me do (Corinne) I'll take you through Paris, be your dolly Oh what I'll show you in Pigalle Oh baby, hey baby, obey me (Dean) I never like to kiss like the highbrows I want the kind that curls my eyebrows (Corinne) Oh-ho, like this (Dean) Oh, baby (Corinne) You will be my gift from the Marshall Plan (Jerry) And I will be the king of the French Can-Can (Corinne) My sweet, when I do this, don't be gentle I want you close and continental Oh baby, je t'adore Tu es un homme merveilleux, viens près d'moi (Jerry) I don't know what you're saying, but it should happen to me (Dean) Crêpes Suzettes Why, that's all the French I know (Corinne) No my pet, you learn every word, but "No!" (Dean) The French are never wrong (Corinne) Fifty million (Dean) Baby for you I'd trust a billion (Corinne) Oh baby, oh baby, obey me (Dean) No maybe, hey baby, you slay me (Both) Oh baby, obey me do (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - February 2005)


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