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BACK BACK BACK TO INDIANA (Gus Kahn / Egbert Van Alstyne, 1914) Oh! don't you hear that whistle blowing! Oh, oh, oh, Goodbye! the North bound train will soon be going! Oh, oh, oh, I've been lonesome down in Dixie, Just as lonesome as a boy could be; And if your girl lived along the Wabash you'd be singing just like me! I'll be so happy in the morning Oh, oh, oh, Because I'll see the town that I was born in! Oh, oh, oh, There a lonely girl is waiting, But I'll make her mighty happy soon; And again we'll roam along the Wabash 'neath the Indiana moon. Back, back, back to Indiana! Where the Wabash flows, To my Hoosier Rose Back, back, through the fields of clover, We'll drive down to town and bring the parson over. So long old Savanah, You're a good old town, I know! But the best thing here, is the first train, dear. Back, back, back to Indiana!


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