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BACK STREET LUV (Monkman / Linwood / Eyre) Curved Air Summer's comin', time to dream the day away, And she's so sunny is the girl you met today. Will she make it? Can she take it? Like to try love, such a shy love. Ragged backstreet, leanin' on the wall, She weaves a story of her life before it all. Did she give love? Could she feel love? Did she find love? Was it real love? Where's your smile today? Did she let you down? Try to see she didn't mean to make you feel so sad. Ragged backstreet, sittin' on a wall, She tells of men that she knew before it all. When she made love she tried to find love, when she gives love she will find love. Summer's comin', time ... Where's your smile today ... (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - August 2003)


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