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BACK TO BACK Irving Berlin 1939 as rec by Helen O'Connell w Jimmy Dorsey & his Orch June 16th 1939 New York also: Glenn Miller & His Orch.(vocal: Marion Hutton & Tex Beneke) - 1939 Teddy Wilson & His Orch. (vocal: Thelma Carpenter) - 1939 Jan Savitt & His Top Hatters Orch. - 1939 Tommy Dorsey & His Orch. - 1939 Harry Roy & His Orch. - 1939 Dancing back to back Takes you off the beaten track, You don't look at your partner at all When you dance back to back! That's that new attack That the other dancers lack; You can see what goes on in the hall When you dance back to back! Your partner won't see you Make eyes at who dances by! Your partner won't mind it, She's doin' it, that's why! you must dance back to back, Let me place you in the pack; Cut the cards and I'll deal you a queen and a jack, Back to back! (Contributed by Peter Akers - March 2009)


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