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BAD CASE OF THE BLUES Linda Martell - 1969 Livin' and a-workin' in the city, I thought I was a big girl Aw, I felt so smart and my own life I could choose So then Smartie found herself a city guy who one night said he loves her And the next night he leaves her sittin' with a bad case of the blues Yoodle-lay-eee-heee-heee-heee-heee, aah-hah If I really was a smart girl I could turn him to me Yoodle-lay-eee-heee-heee-heee-heee, aah-hah Instead a-sittin' and a-cryin' with a bad case o' the blues I took myself out to the country to see my Mother She said, "What no-good man has got my lovin' little child's heart stole?" I said, "Mama, he tells me that he loves me and then he's out with another, And he's got me right down to the last square on the checker board" Yoodle-lay-eee-heee-heee-heee-heee, aah-hah Little country girl done got hooked on a barbed wire love Yoodle-lay-eee-heee-heee-heee-heee, aah-hah And she can't get loose from this bad case of the blues And she can't get loose from this bad case of the blues (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2010)


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