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BAD IMPRESSIONS (David Allan Coe) David Allan Coe (Good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Grand Ole Opry We got a great show lined up for you tonight here Brought to you by Martha White Flour My name is Hank Snow I'm from Nova Scotia Canada) I've tried my best to tell you that I'm leavin' I won't be back no more after today I've tried and I've tried but you weren't satisfied until you finally throw my love away Bad impressions, bad impressions Lord you left bad impressions on my mind Bad impressions, bad impressions ah but good impressions are so hard to find You promised you would stay with me forever forever didn't seem to last too long You packed your clothes up darlin' you never said goodbye Ah but honey I still love you and I will until I die Bad impressions, bad impressions... Ah yes the good impressions are so hard to find


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