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BALLAD OF I'M GONE CRAZY S.G. Swain - 1982 Moma's in the back room making up the bed Popa's in the front room shaking his head Brother's in the bathtub with his boyfriend Fred & I'm gone crazy today. Sister's in the backyard climbing in a tree she's hanging from a limb like a chimpanzee I'm in the front yard staring at my feet -- IGCT. My high-school teachers say that I'm a problem kid Got plenty of brains, but don't use my head But they never listened to a word I said -- IGCT. English and Government and History and Gym I took 'em all once and now I'm taking 'em again what it all means is my bulb's a little dim -- IGCT. My girlfriend hopes that I'm a gonna settle down with kids and a house in the middle of town she's looking in the catalogue at the wedding gowns -- IGCT. Boss man down at the grocery store says "Bag deze grossrees, den bag sum mower" He don't know it but I'm pretty sure -- IGCT. The president's gonna go and start another war he'll call me up and I wonder what for "overseas son, hut two three four" -- IGCT. They got A-bombs, B-bombs, C-bombs, D-bombs, He-bombs, She-bombs, Flea-bombs, Free-bombs here a bomb, there a bomb, everywhere a bomb bomb, -- IGCT. Preacherman says that Armageddon's coming pretty soon maybe in the morning maybe in the afternoon says we'll all regret the day we left our moma's womb -- IGCT. Annihilation, damnation, tribulation, too punishment, judgement, doom and gloom what's a little boy like me supposed to do ? -- IGCT. I keep hearing tiny voices whisper in my ear "Hey, let's do a rendezvous, we'll take you of there!" The signal's coming in loud and clear -- IGCT. Now I'm standing in the cornfield, looking at the sky just hoping for a spaceship to drop on by for a close encounter of the third kind -- IGCT. Well, the sky's turning black and it's sure a erie sight I'm hypnotized by those blinking lights it's a UFO on a kidnap flight ! -- IGCT. Now I'm standing at the window, looking down at planet earth I'm waving good-bye for all I'm worth Man from Mars is a fine chauffeur -- IGCT. Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye.


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