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BALLAD OF RONNIE, THE (Roy Stanley) Alicia Adams - 1960 Cathy and I were walking by the drug store Saw a boy there I didn't know I said to Cathy, "Gee! I'd like to meet him" So we went over to say hello He was new in town, his name was Ronnie He was the boy that I'd been dreaming of I smiled at him and got a funny feelin' Ronnie smiled back and I fell in love Night after night Ronnie came to my house Then one night he told me goodbye He was leaving, goin' in the Service I didn't let Ronnie see me cry Saved all the letters Ronnie ever wrote me When I was lonely, I read them through Then came the day Ronnie didn't write me I should've found somebody new One night I heard the doorbell ring Opened up the door, surprised as I could be Ronnie kissed me like I'd always dreamed of Ronnie came back 'cause he loved me Ooh-ooh Ronnie He loves me Ooh-ooh........FADE (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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