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BAMBOO Nat Simon (m) Buddy Bernier (l) 1949 as rec by Vaughn Monroe & The Moon Maids 1949 Bamboo walls, bamboo ceiling, And the rain comin' down seems to say in a voice so appealing, "Go away, oh don't delay!". Though there's bamboo all around me, I vow I'll find a way, But bamboo has tied and bound me And I know I'm here to stay! Why do the tom-toms beat so loudly? Why do the shadows all seem to crowd me? Can't stop this pounding , pounding, pounding in my head, Through the night I toss on my bamboo bed. Bamboo walls, bamboo ceiling, Hold me, though love is gone. In my heart there is no feeling, But somehow I carry on! Bamboo walls (bamboo walls), bamboo ceiling (bamboo ceiling), Bamboo dreams, live in my heart! Bamboo, bamboo. (Contributed by Peter Akers - March 2009)


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