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BAMBOOZLED (Fred Ebb / Paul Klein) Dean Martin - 1957 (Bam-bamboozled, bam-bamboozled) Hey, looka here, see me grin ear to ear All aglow, I'm so bamboozled (Bamboozled) Hey, look at me walkin' tall as a tree Since I got a lot bamboozled (Bamboozled) I kept shyin' away, she kept sighin' away Now, suffice it to say That I fought and I fought, but I'm finally caught I fly like the birds, feel too lovely for words Yesiree, that's me, bamboozled Out of my wits, but the thrill of it fits like a glove (Bamboozled, bamboozled by you) Heaven, open the door, I ain't runnin' no more I got bamboozled But, oh, how I love it in love (La la la la la la la la la la la bamboozled, bamboozled) (La la la la la la la la la la la bamboozled, bamboozled) I tried takin' a stand, she kept takin' my hand That felt wonderful grand So I fell like a ton, I'm a son-of-a-gun Will you look at me now, not a crease on my brow When we kiss, I'm this bamboozled Sailin' along, feelin' bright as the song of a dove (Bamboozled, bamboozled by you) She kept playin' it smart, kissed me out of my heart I got bamboozled (Bamboozled, bamboozled) But, oh, how I love it in love (Contributed/Transcribed by Ferda Dolunay & Mel Priddle - March 2006)


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