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BANANA REPUBLIC (Pete Briquette / Bob Geldof) The Boomtown Rats Chorus: Banana Republic Septic Isle Screaming in the suffering sea It sounds like crying Everywhere I go Everywhere I see The black and blue uniforms Police and priests And I wonder do you wonder While you're sleeping with your whore That sharing beds with history Is like a-licking running sores Forty shades of green yeah Sixty shades of red Heroes going cheap these days Price; a bullet in the head repeat chorus Take your hand and lead you Up a garden path Let me stand aside here And watch you pass Striking up a soldier's song I know that tune It begs too many questions And answers to, repeat chorus The purple and the pinstripe Mutely shake their heads A silense shrieking volumes A violence worse than the condemn Stab you in the back yeah Laughing in your face Glad to see the place again It's a pitty nothing's changed repeat chorus


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