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BARFLIES AT THE BEACH Louis Prima All right all you Swing Cats, Lets try somethin' new Drag your elbows off the Bar and your can from the old bar stool There's a place called the Ocean Probably heard about it in school They an't got no Martinez there but man, its really cool Guess what Barflie buddies They got's women down there too But that old rum struck Romeo that dummy at got a clue And just for viewin' pleasure Head down by the pier Think of all the dough you'll save On whisky, Jin, and beer Punk Now the moral of this story Is when life n' Jazz n' bar's So club your ass down in the sand and then look up at the stars And if your feelin' homesick Bring a show girl or two toss them out a Volleyball and Man, hey, enjoy the view What’s that, that’s a shell That’s what your little sister is gonna come out of When I date her Ya see what I'm sayin punk Oh those things swimming out there Yea that’s dolphins Ya know, Flipper That’s what they make them Tuna Sandwich’s out of Makes them taste good Sell them at the deli You know what I'm talkin about


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