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BARRELHOUSE MUSIC Willard Robison 1936 as rec by Mildred Bailey & her Oxford Greys March 16th 1939 New York also rec by Jess Stacey '36 Down in Alabama, in the Revenue Mountains, Laughing water comes out of strange fountains! And when the evenin' sun goes down, Come ye's on down to Barrelhouse Town. There's a dim lighted tavern, Known as Mammy's Rest; Folks down in 'Bam will tell you That it's Mammy's place that they love the best. Theres a sweet tone piano, Worn by many thumbs, And there's a fellow that plays it That uses his pedal for drums. If you come down to Birmingham With nary a place to go, Fond a man called Cactus Sam, Tell him you wanna go barrelhouse, That's all he needs to know! Be there for supper Or a plate of barbecue, And this, along with the music, Will make a barrelhouse man of you; What I mean is, You will have that lowdown feelin' too! If you find yourself in Birmingham without a place to go, Come on down to my house, Make a palette on the floor. I'll have you meet some southern gal, A-gentle sweet and kind; There, words for your music And music for your mind! Let's go barrelhouse, Let's go barrelhouse, Let's go barrelhouse, All night long! (Contributed by Peter Akers - November 2009)


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