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BEAR TRACKS The Grateful Dead High on the mountain tell me what do you see, Bland shacks and railroad tracks looking back at me, Better take Chicago Forest to the plain, There's a Colorado River running through the green, You been hanging around this world far too long, Lord, at night for countless hours certainly are gone, Never been an outlaw, never been this free, Except for tales of Colorado spring, Take up my money, thought I'd be free, Saw that man a commin' thought they were that free, Chopped down that tree and my worries were all gone, All of a sudden bullets were ringing through that home, You been hanging around this world for far too long, Hanging around the mountain home, back in half an hour, Way back in the swamp, boys way back in the trees, Colorado payroll in the Colorado spring, You hear them coming, the voices of love, You must come courting through this world or go, Texas in the dell, running in the well, You know all you can do is raise hell, Stick around this world for far too long, Back in half an hour with the... Way back in the swamps, way back in the trees, Never been this free in the Colorado spring, As sun come up as alive as I can be.


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