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BEAT IT OUT Buddy Bernier / Bob Emmerich as recorded by Thomas "Fats" Waller & his Rhythm September 7th 1937 New York The name of this song is "Beat It Out", We'll tell you just what it's all about, listen! There's a brand new rhythm rage Goin' all around, You don't have to beat a drum To really go to town! Beat it out - with your hand, Beat it out, keep in time with the band. (look, make it smooth, I tell you!) (it will soothe, I tell you!) Nice and neat, It's a treat, Here's the beat! Rididy-rididy-rididy-rididy, It makes you feel alive! Rididy-rididy-rididy-rididy, Come on baby, improve your jive1 (beat it out, yes!) With your hand - make it shout, Round about, Beat the band! Beat it out! Beat it out! Make it shout, Round about, Beat the band! (well alright then, beat it out like you know somethin'!)` (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2012)


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