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BEAUTIFUL GIRL (Words & Music by James L. Dempsey, 1919) I don't know why I call you my dear, I don't know why I feel so sincere Why do I want you why am I glad, Why am I happy, why am I sad. Why do I smile when I ought to cry Why do you say good-bye, Why am I yearning, my heart is burning, I know the reason why. You are the dearest you are the best, You are so different from all the rest I love to gaze in those tender eyes, A world of wealth is no greater prize You have a charm that seems to be new It thrills me thru and thru, Don't leave me lonely, I want you only, Nobody else but you. Beautiful girl, I love you, beautiful girl, I love you I loved you truly for many a day, There's only one thing that my heart seems to say, Beautiful girl, You haunt me, beautiful girl, I want you I love your eyes. Your smile, your sighs, You beautiful, beautiful girl.


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