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BECAUSE (Guy D'Hardelot / Frank Teschemacho) Evan Williams - 1910 Enrico Caruso - 1913 Deanna Durbin- 1939 the theme song from 'Three Smart Girls Grow Up' Perry Como - 1948 Mario Lanza - 1951 Frankie Laine - 1958 Also recorded by: Sarah Vaughan; Jose Carreras; Jesse Crawford; Nelson Eddy; Richard Crooks; Placido Domingo Jerry Vale; Lesley Garrett; Ken Griffin; Roy Hamilton; Mahalia Jackson; Vaughn Monroe; Jan Peerce; Chris Valentino; Richard Tauber; Keely Smith; Billy Vaughn; Sandpebbles; ....... and others. Because you come to me with nought save love And hold mine hand and lift mine eyes above A wider world of hope and joy I see Because you come to me Because you speak to me in accent sweet I find the roses waking round my feet And I am led through tears and joys to thee Because you speak to me Because God made thee mine I'll cherish thee Through light and darkness, through all time to be And pray His love may make our love divine Because God made thee mine (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley from the "Because" sheet music - January 2006)


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