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BECAUSE WE ARE IN LOVE (THE WEDDING SONG) (Richard Carpenter / John Bettis (m & l) ) As sung by the Carpenters < Made In America > 1981 {chorus below in square brackets] Children, it was more fun to be children We just took life as it happened Run through the days, don't look behind. Over, wink of an eye and it's over What a surprise to discover We were people ourselves What kind of people did we want to be No answer ever came to me. I didn't sleep at all last night Mom, I've come to you like yesterday About today, mom, I'm afraid Hon, come and sit by my side Listen to me, words come so hard But what my heart says I will give you. (bridge) Because you are in love Your eyes begin to open As if you had awoken from a sleep. Because you are in love You use imagination And lose your concentration When someone drops his name. You're back in his arms as always Your day dreams work out that way It's all just a trick your mind plays The more love grows The more it says the same. [Same little girl who's frightened] But I love him so [Same little girl who's sure] That she loves him so [Sees with a woman's vision) [Knows what a woman knows]. Because we are in love We reach for our tomorrows And know we won't be lonely In laughter and in sorrows. Where love abides There is a place we'll keep our hope forever You and I, because we are in love. [We know we won't be lonely In laughter and in sorrow] When love abides There is the place we'll keep our home forever You and I, because we are in love. Notes: The Carpenters were an talented brother/sister singer/songwriting duo hailing from Los Angeles, CA USA. Their distinctive soft rock sound was a contrast to the loud and raucous sounds of the day. As well as singing, Karen was accomplished at drums and brother Richard at piano. Sadly, the duo's career ended prematurely with death of Karen Carpenter in 1983. She was 32 years old. While they were together, they released 11 albums and 30 singles. The Grammy Hall Of Fame recognized the Carpenters as providing music of 'lasting qualitative or history significance' (older than 25 years) by honouring them with their prestigious award. BECAUSE WE ARE IN LOVE was released as the 'B' side of a 7 inch single 45 rpm disk in 1981. The 'A' side was TOUCH ME WHEN WE'RE DANCING (Transcribed by David Story- April 2014)


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