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A BEGGAR IN LOVE Bob Merrill Recorded by Lee Lawrence Verse: Some were born for fortune, Some were born for fame; But I was born to love you dear, If not, I'm here in vain. Chorus: I wander up and down love's highway, Forever searching ev'ry byway, For tender words you may throw my way, I'm a Beggar in Love. It may be wrong but I don't care, dear, I'll take the kisses you can spare, dear, And still be thankful for my share, dear, I'm a Beggar in Love. But like an actor on a stage, I wouldn't trade my part. I wouldn't want to play the King, In someone else's heart. For though the road I walk is lonely, I know that heart and soul you own me! So, please be kind to one who's only A Beggar in Love. Copyright: 1951 Cinephonic Music 17 Berners Street London W1 (Contributed by Paul Daniel - March 2010)


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