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BEGGAR'S FARM (Mick Abrahams / Ian Anderson) Jethro Tull Also recorded by: Blodwyn Pig Taking chances, and your reputation's going down, Going out in the night time, good thing you make no sound. But you don't fool me, 'Cause I know what you feel. If you ignore the things I see, someday soon's gonna Find your way down on Beggar's Farm. Way down on Beggar's Farm. I pay my money for no returns, I think I need you, gotta find someone. Oh, you don't fool me, 'Cause I know what you feel. When you go wild and I ask you why, I don't worry When I see you lyin' down on Beggar's Farm. But you're on to me, gonna turn away. Won't even listen when you try to say That you were only foolin' 'round, 'Cause I know what you feel. But if you ask me nicely, woman, I'll wake up early one day soon And I'll visit you down on Beggar's Farm.


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