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BELGIAN BAR (Andersen) Eric Andersen - 1989 One snowy night alone in my house in Norway, I sat with pen, paper, and guitar and a candle by an old wood table. I felt a canopy in the air and the feeling of being somewhere else. I started to remember a time when I was with a close friend a couple years before. We had been in Brussels working on a film score together and we had many good evenings hanging out in this ancient city in the middle of Europe. And this evening it came rushing back. As if I had stumbled into a cathedral of memory. After we finished the project we took a train to France. I went on to Venice and it was right before Christmas. We were living in a nice hotel on the avenue Louise Workin on a project there it was just my man and me I was unattached back then like a puppet off his feet A crazy pile of broken strings only one I had to keep We walked around the corner saw the lights of a little bar The mood there made me curious a chance to forget Awhile inside a couple of tables a couple rock 'n roll cassettes I was drinkin rum that night with the barmaid speakin French I wonder just how things have changed I wonder where you are And I wonder if a young French girl Still works in a Belgian bar Brussels in October the yellow gray's all I recall The rain ran on forever like the wires on a trolley car Walkin down the new wet streets ancient wind blowin through my heart The only face I couldn't see was the face of my true love I dreamed about the lights of Nice the rust rocks of the coast I dreamed about a frozen path to the one I missed the most Then I guess it wasn't long before I was on my feet again It must have happened someplace quiet cause I don't remember when I wonder just how things have changed I wonder where you are And I wonder if a young French girl Still works in a Belgian bar When I look over my shoulder from the window of my train I think about my man again who I heard has moved to Spain We worked hard and we traveled some through France and Italy When it rained down hard in Brussels it poured on you and me And when my eyes got tangled in the honey colored hair Of the girl ho poured the drinks that night when we were talkin there She had eyes that seemed to drink us up and a crooked little smile When we sailed off for the starry night and forever took a little while


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