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BENNY BULLFROG (Chris Foreman / Lee Thompson) Madness So there I am polished heart throat in full puff I look the part my wad is packed to reimburse. I've yet to re-rehearse many moons spent on lovelines lent from Long-legged pop-eyed fat-necked Benny Bullfrog. Final run-through polish up The flower of love's my buttercup. Moon in June for you I'll croon Just like pop-eyed fat-necked Benny Bullfrog. Mean piece of muscle I'm Melvin Toad, I dice with death, across the road. Hop aboard my lover's leap Fat-necked Quatermass Who needs a Benny Bullfrog. Here she comes (Keep a cool head) My legs numb (Keep a cool head) I can't run (Keep a cool head) High! My name's Hunky how d'you do I catch a fly in one swoop I catch a fly just for you That's if you do want me to But you're not hungry I know A sixth sense gave me a clue. I know what else we can do. (You creep !) Long-legged pop-eyed fat-necked Benny Bullfrog. Wish I was Benny Bullfrog Cool as Benny Bullfrog What's the secret, Bullfrog


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