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BEST OF EVERYTHING, THE From the film "The Best Of Everything" (1959) (Music: Alfred Newman / Lyrics: Sammy Cahn 1959) Johnny Mathis (Film Soundtrack) - 1959 Joyce Breach - 1999 Melinda Doolittle - 2009 Also recorded by: Victor Silvester & His Orch.; National Philharmonic Orch. We've proven romance is still the best of everything That sudden thrill, the best of everything That one little sigh is treasure you cannot buy Or measure, by any test, the best of everything You've found the Moon and the Sun Yes, he's the one, it seems But soon it's done And not the fun it seemed You walk through the night just groping It's still alright, you're hoping Love can be all or nothing, but even when it's nothing It's still the best, the best of everything We've proven romance is still the best of everything (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - February 2012) NOTES: Title song from the Twentieth Century Fox color film ‘The Best Of Everything’ Oct 9 1959 (USA) Director: Jean Negulesco Leads: Hope Lange / Joan Crawford / Louis Jourdan / Stephen Boyd (Contributed by David Story - November 2013)


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