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BEST OF FRIENDS Livingston Taylor We're the best of friends Heart and soul Head to head Toe to toe I'm not letting go We're the best of friends I thought you knew That the best I am Is beside you We're a couple of comfy shoes Oh together we're a pipe dream All lit up and smoking 'Bout all the things we'll do Oh together we are wishes My aren't we delicious Coming true We're the best of friends Are we wise Thinning hair Fuzzy eyes Your face is my best surprise We're the best of friends I'm here to say It was me and you The whole darn way Thanks for the chance to play Oh together we are magic Together we are mystery I think we may have soul Oh together the world is brighter Lovers fools and fighters On a roll We're the best of friends The drift the sway The give the take The day to day A bit in each others way And when it's time To let you go At the last We'll always know That it started long ago With a simple quick hello Hello we're the best of friends


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