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BETTER THAN ANYTHING (David "Buck" Wheat / William Loughborough) Irene Kral - 1963 Vikki Carr - 1964 Bob Dorough - 1966 Al Jarreau - 1977 Sheila Jordan - 1977 Lisa Rich - 1985 Julie Kelly - 1985 Tuck & Patti - 1988 Susan Sutton - 1989 Christine Sullivan - 1993 Claire Martin - 1995 Andrea Dupree - 1996 Sheila Jordan - 1997 Karen Shane - 1998 Diane Hubka - 1999 Carla Cook - 2000 Karyn Malone - 2000 Nnenna Freelon - 2000 Annette Sanders & Kevin DiSimone - 2000 Natalie Cole & Diana Krall - 2002 Sinne Eeg - 2007 John Vance - 2007 Debbie Luna - 2007 Dana Marcine - 2007 Marlena Studer - 2007 Craig And Heather - 2007 Hilary Kole - 2008 Kristin Korb - 2009 One Dan Band - 2009 Also recorded by: Chad Mitchell; Bud & Travis..........and others. as rec by Vikki Carr w Orch cond by Bob Florence 1964 Better than sailing at midnight, Better than diving for pearls, Better than skiing at Aspen, Better than feeding the squirrels. Better than finding a horseshoe, Better than losing your head, Better than anything thought of, Better than anything said. Better than singing right out loud Or being spotted in a crowd. Better than anything Except being in love! Better than cream cheese on celery, Better than, mmm, honey on bread, Better than french-fried potatoes, Better than, aah, breakfast in bed. Better than strawberry shortcake, Better than chocolate eclairs, Better than hothouse tomatoes, Better than fresh bartlett pears. Better than dining a la carte Or sampling gastronomic art. Better than anything Except being in love! Better than "April In Paris", Better than "Memphis In June", Better than "Autumn In New York", Better than "Old Avalune". Better than "Drifting And Dreaming", Better than "Castles In Spain", Better than "Smoke Rings" or "Stardust", Better than "September Rain". Better than "Dancing In The Dark" Or "Once More James Around The Park". Better than anything Except being in love! Better than anything Except being in love! Better than anything Except being in love! (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2010) ********** As recorded by NATALIE COLE & DIANA KRALL: NATALIE: Better than cream cheese and bagels Better than honey on bread DIANA: Better than champagne and pretzels Better than breakfast in bed NATALIE Better than chili rellenos Better than chocolate eclairs DIANA: Better than hothouse tomatoes Better than fresh Bartlett pears NATALIE: Better than dining a la carte DIANA: Or simply gastronomic art NATALIE: Better than anything except being in love NATALIE: Better than making a million Better than being a queen DIANA: Better than oil wells and gold mines Better than pastures of green NATALIE: Better than finding a horseshoe Better than losing your head DIANA: Better than anything ever thought of Better than anything ever said NATALIE: Ah, ha, better than singing right out loud DIANA: Or being spotted in a crowd NATALIE: Better than (DIANA: Better than anything) anything Except being (DIANA: Except being) BOTH: In love (Instrumental Break) NATALIE: Better than elephants, elephants are dancing Better than clowns on parade DIANA: Better than peanuts and popcorn Better than pink lemonade NATALIE: Better than rides on the midway Better than seals blowing horns DIANA: Better than men shot through cannons Better than fresh ears of corn NATALIE: Ah, better than balancing on a wire DIANA: Or watching tigers jump through fire BOTH: Better than anything except being in love NATALIE: Better than driving 'round the park DIANA: Or watching fireflies after the dark BOTH: Better than anything except being in love NATALIE: Hey, Diana? DIANA: Yeah? NATALIE: Are you sure that love is even better than shopping? DIANA: Well, there's a little sale on late floor up at Barneys, but it's still better NATALIE: Oh, come on, come on What about that thirty percent sale at Jimmy Chu's And SaK's Fifth Avenue Friends and Family Day? Ha! DIANA: Still better NATALIE: Well, maybe close second? DIANA: Very close second NATALIE: Better, more better Better, better, better (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2011)


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