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BETWEEN TWO TREES (Ted Johnson / Virginia Walsh) as recorded by The Andrews Sisters and male vocal quartet with Vic Schoen & his Orchestra December 19th 1950 Between two trees there lies a story true, A story true that I will tell to you. 'Twas there that I first fell in love with you; Your hair was gold, your eyes were blue. Between two trees we kissed as lovers do, As lovers do who know their love is true. We carved a heart, a heart within each tree; A heart for you, a heart for me. And when we wed, we wed between the trees, Beneath the trees we vowed eternity. The trees looked down and smiled as though to say, "God bless your love upon this wedding day". Between two trees the years have swiftly flown, The trees are bare and I am all alone. I close the book, my book of memories Of one who sleeps between two trees. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2017)


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