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BEWARE BROTHER BEWARE (Adams / Lesco / Moore 1946) recorded by Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five 1946 Now fellas, just you fellas, listen to me, I got somethin' to tell you; I want you to listen to every word and govern yourself accordingly! Now pay attention! You see these girls with these fine diamonds and fox furs and fine clothes, Well Jack, they're lookin' for a husband, And you're listenin' to a man that knows! They ain't foolin', And if you fool around with 'em you're gonna get yourself a schoolin'! If she saves your dough and won't go to a show, Beware, brother beware! And if she's easy to kiss and never resist, beware! Be careful, (beware, brother beware!), be careful, (beware, brother beware!) And if you go for a walk and she just listens while you talk, She's tryin' to hook you! And if nobody's lookin' and she asks you to taste some cookin', Don't do it, don't do it! And if you go to a show and she wants to sit in the back row, Bring her down front, bring her right down front! And if you go for a snack, she wants the booth in the back, Watch it, she's tryin' to hook you! And listen, if she's used to caviar and fine silk, And when she goes out with you she wants a hot dog and a malted milk, She's been used to goin' to Carnegie Hall, And when you take her out night clubbin' she wants to hear "One Meatball", (That's all!), If she grabs your hand and says, "Darling, you're such a nice man!", Beware, I'm tellin' you, listen to me! You think he's listenin' to me? (Yes, he's listenin'!) You better listen to me, I'm tellin' you what's being put down, You better pick up on it! Now listen to this! If her sister calls you brother, you'd better get further, I'm tellin' you, you better hit it! And if she's kind o' wild and she says, "Darling, please give me a trial!", Don't do it, don't be weak, don't give it to her! If she looks up in your face and and just melts into place, Let her melt, forget it! D'you think he's payin' attention to it? Should I ask him about -? (Tell him everything!) Should I tell him about -? (Everything!) Tell him everything? Okay I'll tell 'im! Listen, if she calls you on the phone and she says, "Darling, are you all alone?", Tell her, "No, you've got three girls with you!". Don't pay no attention to women, stand up for your rights! Be a man! Should I tell him about the -? (Everything!) If you turn out the light and she don't fight, That's all, that's all, that's the end! It's too late there, she got you hooked, you just as well stick with her! Put down that xxxx? and pay attention to me! Now listen, If you get home about two and you don't know what to do, And you pull back the curtain and the whole family's lookin' at you, Get your business straight, And set the date, And don't be late, yeah! So brother beware! Beware! Beware! Brother you better beware, beware! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2018)


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