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BIFF, THE FRIENDLY, PURPLE BEAR Mac Davis Now I was a play horse you pulled with a string On wheels where my legs should be And he was the boy who pulled the toy Around the tree house tree And for the longest time it was just us two The boy and the horse that was me Until the day the purple bear came To live in the tree house tree Now it was early one spring And I was tied by my string In a field of a make believe farm When around the house the boy and the bear Came marching arm in arm 'This is Biff', said the boy to me 'He's the friendly, purple bear' And Biff stooped down and stroked my mane With a ball of purple hair 'Biff has come to stay,' said the boy 'To pretend with me and you And he can do anything a boy and a toy Believe purple bears can do' And taking a cue, Biff bowed from the waist Then leaped and clicked his heels Then down to the ground with three somersaults That ended in four cartwheels He whirled and twirled and stood on his head The boy giggled and slapped his thighs And I laughed so hard that wooden tears Rolled out of my painted eyes So Biff came to stay in the tree house tree And long days came without end For the boy and the toy and the purple bear And serious games of pretend Like the cowboy game Where the boy is the sheriff And Biff is the bandit king It always seemed to end With the outlaws down in the jail By the long rope swing And you know there was this great pony race That lasted for days around the flower bed Boy, that was a tough one Lucky for us, though, I won by a wooden head And then one day we entered a pirate's cove Beneath a bush on the alley side Ol' Biff had a sword and a paper hat And a patch across a purple eye And there was always the danger Of outlaws or Indians And creatures from outer space And without the courage of the three of us We might have lost the whole darn place But we were bound by the code of the Musketeers Such golden hours were shared By the freckled face boy and the wooden horse toy And Biff, the friendly, purple bear But as summers passed the boy grew taller And his voice took a strange new ring And his visits were few to the tree house tree And never to the long rope swing Biff, the purple bear grew sad As he climbed down the tree house tree He shook his head 'I'm afraid,' he said 'He's forgotten you and me It seems old wooden friend of mine We've outlasted his boyhood years' And he turned and he was gone across the lawn In a trail of purple tears Now I've been put to pasture in the old tree house But at times I've seen from afar A strange, tall boy who mowed the lawn And tinkers about this old car But just today I saw a new little boy Coming down the sidewalk I swear he was headed straight for me In the tree house tree Followed by Biff, that old friendly, purple bear


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