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BIG DALLAS SKY (Julian Colbeck / Hugo Degenhardt / Steve Hackett / Doug Sinclair) Steve Hackett In all those deserted farms I searched for you In the driving rain most nights feeling like a ghost Moving unseen and through every street of dreams Then I saw you one day laughing under that big Dallas sky After you went away I thought I’d never see your face again Ships that pass in the night Thought I’d make my way up north, go get a steady job Work with my hands if the occasion called But the West Texas wind Kept calling me back Through China-town and up the East River To that big Dallas sky I knew I’d find you in a bar some place Pretending you never knew the stranger at the door But the other customers were wise to that game I knew you’d come running sooner or later But not because of my sweet longing arms And not because of the way I held you that night But because of that big Dallas sky


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