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BIG FOOL OF THE YEAR (Justin Tubb) Ernest Tubb - 1963 Also recorded by: George Jones All the big fools in town got together Every hopeless loving heart I know was there We all sat around and told our own sad stories Then they made me the big fool of the year Oh they gave to me a little golden statue Of the torch that I carry for you dear They said no one else could even come close to me And that I was the Big Fool Of The Year I'll put mine up beside any foolish heart in town For there's none can hold a light To this torch I carry round I can't say that I'm too proud of the honor But then I guess I do deserve it dear For to love you after all you've made me suffer Surely makes me the Big Fool Of The Year You have made me the Big Fool Of The Year (Contributed by lylemalone - September 2005)


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