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BIGGER THAN REAL Janis Ian Streets of the city Are dirty and gritty now Ain't it a pitiful sight Sing hallelujah and praise California Pedestrians move to the right I'm waiting here for the man with the answer To ease my soul I've got the blues so bad it can't be true Honey, I'm waiting on you The people just walk And the sidewalks talk And everyone's been derailed Everything's bigger than real here Honey, I don't feel too well These buildings are singing the blues You've got to use your sins Honey, I'd like just To meet with the righteous But I don't know where to begin And the tambourine It's playing for free It's telling me trust in the Lord Sing Hare Krishna or Jesus or Mithra It don't matter who anymore They say got relieves If I'd only believe But I just can't whore Honey, I'm trying To deal with the dying And I can't score So here we all are Waiting for God Or someone who looks just like him Everything's bigger than real here Honey, I just can't win They say the downtrodden shall rule But ain't it a fool likes to kneel Big city news is the smalltown blues Honey, it's bigger than real


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